As time passes unrelentingly, without looking back, often we get taken off guard at how swiftly it whiffs by. Tomorrow is just another unpredictable day - while we make resolutions to make tomorrow better, often we fall back into burying ourselves in the business of life that we sometimes lose sight of things that often matter the most. So, Yesterday will always serve as a good nudge - reminding us of the things we've done and experienced so that we can learn, improve and relish in the moments of Yesterday, once again.

Yesterday is about reliving the joy and eclectic mix of crazy, exciting events we've experienced - it's about cocooning the fond memories and building new ones, using the plates (or bowls) of food as our vehicle. After all nothing comes close to replicating that alluring, feel good feeling that food brings. So, grab a fork, get your favourite people together and discover the meaning of living - beautifully.

Take a bite of Yesterday - and a little bit more.

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